Window on my world 120:365

Window on my world 120:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
I meant to take a picture of Sheffield out of the window at #PurposedPSI, but somehow was too engrossed in discussion and cupcakes to actually do it!
So, a picture out of the car window as I travelled home along a very familiar route from years ago!
NB I wasn't driving at the time!

Window on my world 119:365

Window on my world 119:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
Don't have a window picture for today - been a bit busy watching a certain wedding!

So here's a 'window' on my Royal wedding world - and a bonus below!

Window on the world 118:365

Window on the world 118:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
In honour of booking the flights and accommodation for a trip to Barcelona for our Comenius project, a window from Parc Guell.

Love it!

Window on my world 117:365 Bracebridge Pool at sunset

A window from last year - in the park at sunset.

A lovely evening!

Window on my world 116:365

Trees365 96:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
This picture is a year old, taken on easter Monday last year - shows how much earlier Easter was as it is number 96 in the series of Trees365!

A fairy house!
The sign below explains!

Cannock Chase Easter Monday 2010

Window on my world 115:365

Window on my world 115:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
This window is actually from yesterday and the lovely Easter flowers at church.
However, it's the window behind it that I love. when it's sunny, the light streams through the window, hence the blinds.

Window on my world 114:365

Window on my world 114:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
A baptism at church today.
And a great day for it - Easter Day!

This is the window at the back of church - the 'Upper Room' from which photos and video of events can be taken.

Window on my world 113:365

Window on my world 113:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
Out of the kitchen window.

A random selection of items on the sill and outside the garden (which can also be a bit random!)

Window on the world 112:365

Window on the world 112;365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
After a lovely day in the sun. looking out of the living room window on the garden with newly mown lawn and chairs strewn around!

Window on my world 111:365

Window on my world 111:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
Behind this tree is my OH's childhood bedroom window. It's now where the boys sleep when we visit the in-laws.
Looks out on the railway line - wonder if that tree was that big when he was a child.

Window on my world 110:365

Window on my world 110:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Curtains made out of rugs?
I wouldn't believe it until I had photographic evidence. And here it is! Bet they're really soft too.
Not sure about their efficiency at keeping out light but if you're cold, they'd be rather warm!

Window on my world 109:365

Window on my world 109:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Out to lunch today - La Tasca isn't exactly Spain but you can see the flag if you squint ;)

Window on my world 108:365

Window on my world 108:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Not exactly a window, more a protective dome today that's incubating chicks and ducklings at Ash End House Farm.

Window on my world 107:365

Window on my world 107:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

These windows are at Cheltenham College, taken one year ago at ATI.
Happy memories!

Window on my world 106:365

Window on my world 106:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
Out of the window, Jude and I off out for a cycle ride.

Taken by John.

Window on my world 105:365

Window on my world 105:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
A window from last week's visit to Coughton Court last week.

Beautiful - heraldry and stained glass :o)

Window on my world 104:365

Window on my world 103:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Thanks to IKEA, Homebase and my beloved, the landing window now has curtains so that when it's gloriously sunny, we don't get woken by the light streaming into our rooms.
And the cuddlies like them too as they can play hide and seek!

Window on my world 103:365

Window on my world 103:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.
Today we visited IKEA in Coventry.

Makes a change from Wednesbury - and it;s a big change. It's on several floors, in the city centre and is rather splendid!

Window on my world 102:365

Window on my world 102:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

At the Gadget Show Live Porfessional today.

This 'window' shows some of thr 'tech' that the Gadget Show have trialled / showcased. Like the 'bouncy skates' - guaranteed to cause hideous injury if i were ever allowed near them!

Window on my world 101:365

Window on my world 101:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

The planter outside the front door went into bloom today.
More accurately, the tulips went into bloom as the pansies were already blooming when they were planted at the weekend.
Still - lovely!

Window on my world 100:365

Window on my world 100:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

My 100th post comes from my visit to Coughton Court yesterday, and specifically from St Peters Church, set next to the manor.

Window on my world 99:365

Window on my world 99:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A beautiful first day of the Easter break spent with my family at Coughton Court.

Here's the view from the turret 'house' on the roof.

Lots of beautiful windows from inside the house over the next few days and weeks I expect!

Window on my world 98:365

Window on my world 98:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Off to physio today and captured this window that amuses me everytime I pass!
NB this is not where I go for physio!

Window on my world 97:365

Window on my world 97:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today was my Grandad's funeral.
He was Scottish through and through.

I have an English dad and a Scottish mum. Most of my life I've felt completely English but increasingly I feel less and less English.

I had a really good conversation with my uncle today about national identity, and one thing we discussed was the way I support Spain in international football. So here's a picture from 2008 when Spain won the European Championship.

Window on my world 96:365

Window on my world 96:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I found out today that I'm going back to Barcelona in May.
So here's a window pic from my last visit to celebrate!

Window on my world 95:365

Window on my world 95:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Birmingham Law Courts - a magnificent building!

Window on my world 94:365

Window on my world 94:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Leicester University today for an ICT day with PGCE students.
Lovely building!

Window on my world 93:365

Window on my world 93:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

The skylight windows at church.

Now we don't notice the mechanical noise the electronics make as they open, but we do notice if it suddenly starts raining in the service!

Window on my world 92:365

Window on my world 92:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Lying on the living room, looking up out of the window.

Window on my world 91:365

Window on my world 91:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Whoops! Just posted this to my Trees365 blog!

Making the new car my won - but making sure I can see out of the windscreen of course!

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